Representatives of councils meet Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development

Representatives of councils meet Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development

The Minister of the Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam has held talks with members of the United Cities and Councils of Cameroon the 13th March 2018 in Yaoundé.
During the meeting which was the first since the creation of the Ministry, the President of the association, Émile Andze Andze saluted the setting up of the new ministry that will facilitate the implementation of decentralisation and consequently boost local development of councils.
The Pioneer Minister, Georges Elanga Obam listen keenly to the challenges faced by councils and cities of Cameroon which focused principally on the slow pace of decentralization, 14 years after its implementation began.
According to Andze Andze, the state should introduce more efficient managerial strategies to accelerate the process.
The United councils and Cities of Cameroon proposed a harmonious and integrated strategy for the transfer of resources from the central authorities to the decentralised communities in a bid to optimize the functioning of the State.
Emile Andze Andze also recommended that the amount of State resources allocated to decentralization could be raised to at least 10%.
They also raised some immediate challenges including the urgent need to recruit technical and professional managers to help the councils better manage their resources and meet their set goals. The problem of 16 months of salary arrears for government delegates, mayors and their deputies was also presented to the Minister.
The need to finalization of the status of local elected officials and the staff of decentralized territorial communities was also presented to the Minister.

The Minister’s respond

In response to the concerns raised by the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, the Minister of Decentralisation and local development Georges Elanga Obam, undertook to transmit their grievances to the competent authorities.
He urged municipal officials to build “wealth creation communities”.
He also said studies are on the way for the possible setting up of “a local public service.”
Minister Georges Elanga Obam told the mayors and their representatives to stay united and share best practices in order to face the challenges together.

Motion of support

At the close of the meeting, the mayors addressed a motion of support to the Head of State. The text read by the first vice-president United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, François Soman read the motion. The motion appreciated the progress of democracy and stability in Cameroon as well as the improvement of the living conditions of the populations.
The efficient management of the social tensions in the Northwest and Southwest was also discussed. The mayors expressed their commitment to the values of peace and national unity and thanked President Paul Biya for the appointment of Georges Elanga Obam.
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