Senatorial Election: National Vote Commission swings into action

Members of the National vote counting commission have been installed by the President of the Constitutional council, Clement Atangana. They were installed during a ceremony at the audience hall of the Constitutional Council in Yaoundé.

The National Vote Commission for the Senatorial election of 25th March 2018 is composed of twenty two members as follows:

The president, Essombe Emile – appointed by the president of the Constitutional Council


Two members of the Judiciary appointed by the President of the Supreme Court

  • Ateba Ombala Marc
  • Epuli Mathias Aloh

Five representatives of the administration appointed by the Minister of Territorial Administration

  • Nganko Firmin Daniel
  • Ekobena Remy Bernard
  • Bekila Gisele Valerie
  • Issanda Issanda Alain S.
  • Amadou Souley

Five Representatives from elections Cameroon – ELECAM

  1. Bau Okha Bau
  2. Alamdou Serge
  3. Mekeme Michelle
  4. Ahmadou Mohaman
  5. Enow Dickson Enow

A representative of each of the nine political parties that took part in the election

  1. CDU – Mongwet Adamou
  2. CPDM – Talba Mala Ibrahim
  3. NADP – Abdoulaye Abdo
  4. NSFC – Mabou Mabou
  5. NUDP – Ngayap Pierre Flambeau
  6. SDF – Mbah Ndam Njang
  7. UDP – Fokum Hilary Kebila
  8. UPC – Biya II Jean Jacques
  9. USM – Njonkam Anne

The President of the Constitutional Council reminded the members of the national vote counting commission that the five days given them by the law to rectify any material errors in the reports sent from the regional commissions is included in the fifteen days accorded the council to proclaim final results.

He told the members that the heterogeneity of the commission and the diligence of their work should demonstrate the sincerity of the election.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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