Senatorial Elections 2018: Elecam retains 36 lists out of 42 received

The Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon has made public the list of candidates and political parties retained to run for the 25th March 2018 Senatorial elections in the country.

The list was made public during a press briefing at the Yaoundé Multisport Complex granted by the Chairman of the Electoral Board of Elecam, Enow Abrams Egbe.

Elecam board during press briefing

He announced that the electoral council thoroughly scrutinised of the nomination papers contained in forty-two lists of candidates submitted by nine political parties for the election of Senators.

At end the meeting, five lists of candidates found not in fulfilment with the conditions required by law were disqualified and rejected unanimously by the Members of Electoral Board.

One Withdrawal

Furthermore, he indicated that the Social Democratic Front (SDF) to withdrew its list of candidates in the Centre Region.

Five Rejections

The Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon disqualified and rejected the lists of candicates of two politcal parties in five regions. Consequently, three from lists of the UPC in the Adamawa, North and South West as well as  two lists from the SDF  in the East and Far North were rejected:


According to the list, the CPDM and NUDP will run in all ten regions, while the lead opposition party SDF that currently has senators in two regions will contest in five regions (North West, South West, Littoral, West and Adamawa).

Three opposition political parties will run in one region each. CDU and UMS will compete in the West region while the FSNC will run the North region and the UDP will run only in the North West region.

The ANDP will compete in four regions including the South, Littoral, South West and Far North while the UPC which is one of the oldest parties in Cameroon will contest in two regions (Centre and Littoral).

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