Senatorial elections: Political Parties declare their stands

The different political parties that have been retained by the electoral board of elections Cameroon to run for the 25th March 2018 Senatorial elections have begun preparing for the race.

Elecam Electoral Board chair, his deputy and the Director General of Elections

The ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CDPM party is amongst the two parties that are running in all ten regions. The deputy secretary General of the CPDM Gregoire Owona, after the proclamation of list expressed satisfaction with the work of the board. Five years ago during the first Senatorial regions, the CPDM party’s lists were rejected in two regions.

Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM

Gregoire Owona said the CPDM Scribe Jean Kuete had taken all necessary measures to ensure that all the files were complete and compiled in line with the prescriptions of the law.

Ahead of the elections the deputy CPDM scribe said they are already preparing on the ground but they will keep their strategy secret.

The Secretary General of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP party, Senator Pierre Flambeau Ngayap saluted the diligent work of the electoral board of Elecam.

Secretary General of the NUDP

The worked resulted in the acceptance of their lists in all ten regions. He said the publication of the list is only the first step in the journey to the elections of senators “we may be happy because we have reached this step, to constitute and make our list accepted. We believe that we have proven the strength of the party all over the country as the only opposition party capable of proposing lists in all the ten regions.” He said

After the publication, the NUDP will be meeting with its members to drawn up a campaign strategy for the 25th march elections. The NUDP scribe says they are ready to change the political life of the Cameroon.

Unlike five years ago when the lists of the ANDP were rejected, the Representative of the ANDP express joy with the fact that all their lists were retained in four regions, South West, Far North, Littoral and South. Elisious Asah said there is nothing like a big or small party when it comes to elections.

The ANDP he noted plans to begin meeting to elaborate their plan of action for the elections. He compares his party’s determination to the US presidential race where a less popular candidate ended up winning.

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