2018 Elite One Championship: The Dragon/ YAFOOT encounter ends in a wrangle

Fans of the Yaounde University II Football Club,YAFOOT were hostile to Coach Gregoire Atangana Ngandi after the team lost to Dragon of Yaounde 4-1 at the Yaounde Military Stadium.

The match fielded at the Yaounde Military Stadium  counted for day-14 action.

The angry supporters were very determined to unleash their anger on the Head Caoch but were held back thanks to the intervention of football officials and some good samaritans.

After the victory, Dragon gets two successive victories and, has migrated from the red zone to the fourteenth position on the general classification table.

YAFOOT on the contrary,  is presently amongst the three  teams tailing the chart with just 14 points in fourteen different games.

Three of the four goals for the team were scored by Junior Rostand Mbai who was crowned “Man of the Match”.

In other day 14 rendez-vous, heavyweight Feutcheu FC was spanked 4-0 by top flight team,Coton Sport of Garoua.

-UMS of Loum drowned popular Bamboutos FC of Mbounda 1-2.

-Stade Renard of Melong played a goalless match with new comers, AS Fortuna of Yaounde.

-Apejes of Mfou registered a  2-1 encounter with Eding Football Club of the Lekie.

-Visiting Astres of Douala humbled Aigle Royal of the Menoua in a 3-2 game.

-Fovu of Baham thrashed Unisport of Bafang 1-0.

-Union Sportive of Douala edged Colombe of the Dja and Lobo 2-1.

-Yong Sports Academy of  Bamenda defeated visiting New Stars of Douala 1-0.

After day-14, the three teams that top the classification table are;

Coton Sport FC                                           27 points,

Union des Mouvements Sportifs, UMS ,27

Fovu Club                                                   27 points

Day-14 Classification table

Coton Sport FC                                27

Union des Mouvements Sportifs 27

Fovu Club                                         27

Yong Sports Academy                   24

Feutcheu FC                                    23

Union Sportive                               22

Unisport FC                                     18

Bamboutos FC                                17

APEJES                                            17

Astres of Douala                             17

AS Fortuna                                      17

Eding Sport                                     15

Dragon Club                                   15

New Stars FC                                 15

Stade Renard de Melong             14

Colombe FC                                   14

YAFOOT Yaounde FC                 14

Aigle Royal                                    10

Benly Anchunda



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