2017/2018 school year: Third term begins

The loud hooting of vehicles as early as 6:30am on Monday morning, 16th April 2018, announced the beginning of the third term, the shortest and most decisive term of the academic year.

Students in all colours of uniforms as well as teachers and parents braved the cold morning in Yaounde to meet up with the day’s resumption of classes.

By 7:30am, assembly was on in many schools amidst giggling as the pupils and students exchange with mates on the just-ended Easter holiday.

It is 8am and most students are already seated in class and teachers dishing out lessons.

Some, still to re-adapt to the start of the new term, are eagerly waiting for break time!

Stakes of the third term

Officials of the primary and secondary education sector, say the third term is the shortest and most decisive of the school year.

A Secondary School teacher downtown Yaounde, Marvin Fon goes even further, “It all boils down to the way the educational year is being structured. For secondary education, most end-of-course examinations fall within the third term period so it leaves tiny room for effective teaching and learning for the other classes.”

Marvin Fon further explains that most classrooms are occupied during end-of-course exams so there is need to close early and have more space for exams.

Discussing the importance of the third term, Marvin explains that the results which the students obtained during the third term are multiplied by two.

They are later added to those obtained during the second and first terms and then divided by four to get the annual average.

It is also worth mentioning that the third term is just about six weeks with many public holidays.

New Secondary Education Minister experiences first school resumption

The Minister of Secondary Education, Dr Nalova Lyonga has this 17th May 2018, visited some secondary schools in the Centre Region to ensure the effective kick-off of the third term.

This is Minister Nalova Lyonga’s first outing to oversee the start of a new school term as secondary education boss.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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