National Education: National Council for the Approval of Textbooks begins Evaluations

The National Council for the Approval of Textbooks and Didactic Materials has begun evaluating textbooks, manuals and other didactic materials for the 2018/2019 academic year.

The Fifteenth ordinary session was officially opened in Yaoundé by the Minister of Basic Education, Youssouf Adidja Alim.The Council is expected to examine some 9000 textbooks and 428 manuals submitted by 103 publishers.During the opening session
the evaluators agreed on the methodology and the evaluation criteria to be adopted by the Council that sits for three weeks.

 Textbook Selection Criteria

Three major criteria will be applied in the selection process ;

# The Physical appearence:All selected textbooks and manuals must have a durable cover, be affordable and should have been printed on quality paper that ultimately conforms to publishing tenets.

# The textbooks must also confirm to the curriculum prescribed for schools. The curriculum prescribed by government takes into account the socio-cultural and pedagogic dispensation of the country.

# Logistical data:The name of the printer house , printing and shipping deadline should get to the commission on time.

It has been agreed that;
#Nursery school pupils will each be entitled to three textbooks

#Primary School pupils-eight textbooks

# Secondary school students- eleven textbooks

The One textbook policy is expected to be effective in Cameroon from the 2018/2019 academic year.The Prime Minister and Head of Government Philemon Yang signed an order instituting the Unique textbook per subject across the national territory on the 23rd November 2017.The policy is geared towards a cost effective and quality education in schools.

Kathy Neba Sina

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