The Senate: The President completes the list of the 100-member house

The second Legislative period for the upper house will witness a solemn beginning on 24th April 2018.

This follows the publication of the Presidential text that completes the list of the 70 elected senators of the 25th March election in Cameroon.

The text published seven days into the ten day deadline marks the begining of a second 5 year legislation for the upper house that was first put in place in 2013.

In all, seven political parties will seat in the senate for this second Legislative period as against six parties in 2013.

The CPDM party now counts 24 appointed Senator from the 26 of 2013.

Close to 84 percent of Senators are coming back for second time; no fundamental change but the eye catching number is that of the leading opposition party.

The SDF has seen its Senators dwindle to seven from the fourteen of the first legislative period.

A new comer into the senate is the UPC that gets one representative appointed from the South West Region.

The Senate: the new dispensation

In all, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement that won sixty-three senators during the election gets twenty-four from the appointment.

Other opposition parties shared the remaining six appointed senators .

The NUDP formerly represented by Pierre Flambeau Ngayap alone now has Djaratou Mohamadou from Adamawa bringing the number to two.

Dakolé Daissala take his place as representative of the Movement for the Defence of the Republic (MDR) Senator for the Far North Region.

The Cameroon National Salvation Front (FSNC) also has one Senator

The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (NADP) has one Senator,
Aboui Marlyse 44 years is youngest in the House. She will legislate beside Fon Victor Mukete 100 years.

Pamela Bidjocka

Elvis Teke

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