2018 Elections: FSNC National Chairman goes to the North Region to canvas for supporters

Political party leaders in Cameroon are gearing up for the campaign season by galvanizing members at grassroots levels.

The National Chairman of the Cameroon National Salvation Front FSNC Issa Tchiroma Bakary is one of such, he was in the northern regions to meet and discuss with supporters of his party.

The Chairman of the FSNC party schooled his supporters on the importance of a single ballot.

But, before the exercise comes up, Issa Tchiroma encouraged FSNC party supporters to get registered on the list.

He reassured the population that his party is the most qualified to meet the needs of the local population.

During his time in the Region, Mr Tchiroma visited the Pitoa Subdivision in the Benoue Division where he held talks with the municipal administrator.

The mayor Ousmana Aman who was of the UNDP party resigned a few months back to join Issa Tchiroma’s FSNC party.

So far Mr Ousmana has succeeded in rallying a huge party following to the FSNC party in the Pitoa Subdivision.

The national Chairman thanked the decamped mayor for the confidence bestowed on  the party and promised to work for the advancement of the FSNC.

Discussing republican values, Issa Tchiroma called on his party supporters to encourage national integration and peaceful coexistence with one another in their various localities.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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