Public Health: Mercy Ships, the humanitarian mission leaves Cameroon with Laudable Balance sheet

The largest humanitarian hospital ship, Mercy ships is at the end of its mission in Cameroon. During ten months of service, over 11,000 medical interventions were performed.

At the end of the mission, facts and figures presented by Mercy Ships indicate that, during the period from 16th August 2017 through 19th May 2018, Mercy Ships registered a total of 2,743 surgeries.The interventions were done in essentially eight domains including;

# Orthopedic surgeries, 82
# Maxillofacial surgeries, 440
# Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries, 165
# General surgeries, 236
# Opthalmic Surgeries 1,542
# Women’s Health Surgeries , 278
# Patients disqualified for surgery, 221

Patients who sought medical treatment with the team were made up of  48% women and 52% men .The patients were subjected to a wide variety of medical tests . It was reealed that some 1,300 patients were screened for HIV/AIDS.

Apart from consulting and treating patients, the Mercy ships staff also trained health personnel on medical care and mentoring.Some 1,433 health personnel received such training in thirty courses amongst whom were eighty-nine who participated in mentoring.

The training was essentially in the following areas;

# Regional Anesthesia
# Nutritional Agriculture
# Essential Pain Management
# Sterile Processing
# Ultrasound
# Neonatal Resuscitation
# Ponseti
# Primary Trauma Care
# Obstetric Anesthesia
# Pediatric Anesthesia

Mercy ships leaves Cameroon to another country to continue its humanitarian mission.Meantime,officials of the  humanitarian medical service  have expressed gratitude to the government of Cameroon for the sustained collaboration.

Kathy Neba Sina



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