Mercy Ships: President Biya Awards Medals to Meritorious Workers

The Head of State, Paul Biya has awarded medals to eleven workers who contributed to the success of the Mercy Ship expedition in Cameroon

The event was co-presided at by the Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda and the Secretary of State for health, Alim Hayatou on 28th May in Yaoundé.
The recipients, three expatriates and eight nationals who were distinguished with the National Order of Valour and National Order of Merit are;

National Order of Valour

# Dr Etoundi Mballa Georges Alain, Director for the fight against diseases.
# Mme BLACBURN Warrie , Director of the Mercy ships navy
# MAISPA WESPA eps Koukreo , Director for the promotion and protection of the family and the rights of children
# Dr Glenn Strauss, Opthamologic surgeon
# Parker Gary, facial-maxillo surgeon
#Christ Pierre , member of the Mercy Ships committee

National Order of Merit

# Dr. LOG Mamert, technical adviser of the Douala urban community
# M. ABADA Etaba Bruno, social worker at the Ministry of Social Affairs.
# Amadou Roufou Bouba Ndjidda, Nurse at the North Regional Delegation of Health
# CHECK Donatus Enoh, Nurse at the South West Regional Delegation of Health.
# Dimi Parfait, Sub Director in charge of Maritime and Land Affairs at the Ministry of Transport

The Mercy Ships Humanitarian Mission

During the ten months period in Cameroon, the Mercy Ships team in collaboration with national health practitioners carried out a number of interventions

In all, 13,282 surgeries were performed. The Yaoundé Central hospital is now the center of excellence for Maxillofacial surgery.
Three hospitals were equally made orphthamological centres for surgery;
#The Garoua regional hospital,

#The Douala regional hospital

#the Yaoundé Central hospital.

These hospitals received medical equipment from Mercy Ships .
In addition to the offer, a 900square Metres building that served as accommodation for patients in the Nylon District Health Service and the Clubfoot clinic for children are other additional health facilities left by the Mercy Ships team
# A 400 square meters block at the Laquintinine hospital which served as dental and opthamological unit becomes the Nephrology and Dialysis services.Added to that is the biomedical and maintenance Centre which has gone operational.

Minister Andre Mama Fouda commended the Mercy Ships team for the fruitful cooperation.

Kathy Neba Sina

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