National Day: A look at Cameroon’s national symbols

The 46th Edition of the National Day celebration comes up on Sunday 20th May 2018. The celebration is another opportunity to reflect on what makes Cameroonians different from other nationals.

All 24 million people of Cameroon identify with a number of symbols that will definitely mean something else to a non-Cameroonian.

These symbols brandished frequently on official occasions like the national day, awaken the sense of belonging and the pride of being a Cameroonian.


Cameroon’s national symbols

The National Anthem,

The National Flag

Coat or Arms,

The Seal

The Motto

The Official Languages

The country’s Currency

The International telephone dial code.


A look at the first two symbols listed above explains why Cameroonians are different.

1) The National Anthem

“O Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers” just the first line tells of a people who are resolved to preserve a fatherland handed over by the founding fathers.


2)The National Flag

The Green, Red and Yellow colours carries some meaning.

#Green points to the Southern forests

#Red signifies Unity

#Yellow is a representation of sunshine and prosperity.

The yellow star seen at the centre is the ‘Star of Unity’ which shows Cameroon as a  unitary state.


 National Day and the National symbols

It is no coincidence that activities leading to the national day celebration are usually launched more than a week to the event.

During this time, civic education thought in different areas nationwide are also intended to acquainted the less informed Cameroonians of the significance of these symbols.

Noteworthy is that, love for the fatherland also includes the need to handle these symbols with utmost respect.


Pamela Bidjocka

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