National Day: The Koutaba Airborne Battalion gets set for the show in Yaounde

The Airborne Battalion of Cameroon lodged in Koutaba West Region is 40 years old.

The military unit, specialists in airlifting and parachuting was created in 1978.

It is a well-trained intervention battalion efficient in a wide variety of military operations.

The Koutaba Airbone Batallion is presently involved in the battle against the boko haram terrorist group amongst other operations to uphold the country’s territorial integrity.

The battalion’s training centre for parachuting gives the trainees add skills to carry out even the most delicate missions.

The army in all its rank can gain admission into the training centre that also gives specialised military initiation making them unique amongst other personnel of the paramilitary corps.

The Airborne battalion also provides training to units involved in international missions like the Multinational Joint Task Force.

As part of the National Day celebration, the battalion, true to tradition, will be in Yaounde for another interesting simulation.

Cameroonians will once again be treated to the different military and parachuting maneuvers by this special officers on 19th May 2018 in Yaoundé.

They will also take part in the military parade in Yaoundé and Koutaba on 20th May 2018


Elvis Teke                             

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