Senate: nine committees setup

The heads of the nine constituent committees of the Senate as per the binding orders of the house have been made public.

The committees were constituted during a plenary session chaired by Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji this Monday, 7th May 2018.

Three out of nine committees are headed by Senators of the opposition where six others are of the CPDM; depicting the political coloration of the upper house of parliament.

Each of the committees comprises not less than ten members.

The chairman of the CPDM group submitted the list of members of each committee to the President of the Senate prior to elections.

The nine committees include:-

Committees led by CPDM Senators

Committee on Constitutional law, human rights and freedoms, justice laws and regulations and administration. They will see into matters relating to the constitution, standing orders of the house, legal status of persons, regional and council authorities. CPDM Senator, Etame Massoma David Siegfried heads the committee.

The Finance and Budget Committee led by Senator Elie-Victor Essomba Tsoungui of the CPDM will see into matters of the budget, taxation, levies, credit and budgetary control.

The foreign affairs committee chaired by Senator Fon Ganyonga III Doh handles treaties, international conventions and international organizations.

The National Defence and Security committee is headed by Senator Bell Luc René. It looks into matters of national defense, security, armed forces, national Gendarmerie, military justice, and National Fire Brigade.

The committee on Economic Affairs, planning and regional Development, chaired by Senator Tobbo Eyoum Thomas, sees into issues of regional development, programme laws, state lands, state corporations, town planing and public works.

The committee on Education, vocational training and Youth affairs, Ze Nguele René will see into matters of primary education, secondary education, higher education and mass education.

Committees led by the opposition

The Cultural, Social and Family Affairs committee led by SDF Senator Vanigansen Mochiggle will handle issues related to culture, arts, information, communication, recreational activities, Social works, social welfare public health, family, children, women and the elderly.

The committee on the production and Trade will examine agriculture, livestock, forestry, hunting, fisheries, energy, industries, tourism, scientific research, tourism, national and foreign trade. The committee is chaired by Senator Boubakari Ousmanou of the NSFC.

The committee on the Resolutions and petitions, headed by Senator Djafarou Mohammadou of the NUDP will take care of draft resolutions, petitions, internal activities of the Senate and inter parliamentary relations of the Senate. Each committee is composed of ten members.

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