The Army: BTAP in communion with the population of Koutaba

The military base of the Airborne Battalion BTAP is situated some four kilometers from Koutaba in the Noun, West Region.

The creation of the elite battalion has favoured demographic growth with a consequent economic boom.

Moussa Adamou, a plantain farmer who sells his produce at the fresh food market in Koutaba says most of his clients are soldiers of the BTAP.

Apart from being an economic booster, the presence of the military base in Koutaba leaves the population with a feeling of security.

Chief Nji Mouliom Ousseini of koumolap, one of the eleven villages in Koutaba says regular patrols by the military scare away bandits from villages.

The population also receives treatment from the military hospital.

“There are many health centres in our community but the most complicated cases are referred to the military hospital.”

The Divisional Officer of Koutaba, Ngembane Daniel Ekole says the relationship between the Army and the population in Koutaba, can be likened to that of a “husband and wife with periods of misunderstanding, thankfully the hierarchy of the army is always prompt at seeking amicable solutions.”

The Civil Administrator happily stated that it is the Airborne Battalion that provides potable water points to the population.

BTAP has also carried out a good number of socio-economic development projects intended to improve on the living condition of the population.

All these projects, the Divisional Officer noted, are realised thanks to the able managerial skills of the Commander of BTAP, who keeps a keen eye on the welfare of the population of Koutaba.


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