Authors Rights: Government endorses Three New Author’s Rights Organs

The Minister of Culture, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi has signed a communique recognising three Authors Rights bodies.The decision concerns artists grouped in the Playwrights , photographers and other audio-visual experts categories.

The three new Authors Rights organs are;
1) The National Order of Audiovisual Arts and Photography, SCAP-Category C authorization.

2)Plastic Arts and Grapics Rights Corporation, SOCADAP- Category D authorization.

3) The Association of Playwrights and Authors Rights, SOCILADRA- Caregory A authorization.

The decision is official recognition of the organs as competent authorities to manage the three categories of artists .The authorization is due for ten years, renewable once.

The authorization is renewable once and can be withdrawn in case its provisions are not respected in accordance with article 30 of the decree no 2015/3979/PM of 25th September 2015.


Artists and Audiovisual experts in Cameroon have saluted the Minister’s decision which is expected to regulate the sector, give more value and visibility to the works of creative minds.

Kathy Neba Sina

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