Culture: Ateh Francis Launches “Seat of Thorns” and “My Own”

Crtv Journalist and artist, Ateh Francis has launched a new musical album and a novel. The artistic pieces, ” My Own” and ” Seat of Thorns” were launched in Yaoundé .

“Seat of thorns” and ” My own” is a celebration of Ateh Francis’ Thirty-year musical career.The novel “Seat of thorns” addresses the age-old conflict between Christianity and tradition . The protagonist, Father Peter Ndong returns from overseas and the takes over leadership of Aboa village from his uncle.

He would soon disregard the norms of the Roman Catholic Church to reconcile Christianity and tradition.Many villagers turn to Christ, but father Ndong is dismissed from the office of the priest. The protagonist eventually starts a new church which incorporates the African tradition.”Seat of thorns” explores themes like conflict, superstition, Christianity, African tradition and jealousy.

“My Own”, is an eleven-track musical piece with two additional bonus tracks. Ateh Francis sings about money, living together, hard work, love , God and life.The musical piece is essentially song in two genres; “njang” and ” Afrobeats”.

Ateh Francis has released eleven albums during his thirty-year artistic career.” Between two worlds” was published in 2014. These new releases come to enrich the artist’s repertoire.

Kathy Neba Sina

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