Mis Me Binga Film Festival: Organisers unveil a rich package on schedule

The ninth edition of the International Film Festival for Women, Mis Me Binga will hold from 26th to 30th June 2018 at the Muna Foundation and Sita Bella Hall in Yaounde.

The Delegate General of the Festival, Evodie Ngueyeh gave a press conference during which she discussed the programme of activities of the event.

During press conference organised this 20th June 2018, she indicated that the forthcoming edition will, for the first time, feature two films produced by affiliated institutions.

The programme schedule for the Mis Me Benga festival will incorporate conferences during which stakeholders of the film production industry from Cameroon and Central Africa will discuss the challenges and way forward.

A number of workshops on issues of women empowerment and socio-cultural development shall also accompany the film projections.

Prizes and other incentives to crown the five-day event will be offered to the best participation in the following domains;

– Feature film

– Documentary film

– “He for She”, an award given to the male producer of a film that promotes the woman.

The Festival and Projections

Thirteen long films will be projected during the upcoming 9th edition of the ‘Mis Me Binga’ festival.

Eleven of these will be in competition while the two others will be those tagged “Carte Blanche” proposed by the two affiliate institutions.

In the short films category, eighteen will be in competition and ten others in the “He for She” category.

A special projection dubbed “Minga Serie” will also be on the menu with the projection of a web series, ‘Kinshasa Collection’ and the series ‘La Bobonne’.

‘Mis Me Binga’ is an international film festival innitiated by a team of University of Yaounde I students in 2009.

The first edition of the festival took place in 2010.

“Mis Me Benga” can be translated as “Eyes of Women” in one of languages of the Centre Region.

It is part of efforts to uphold the values of the female folk.

The festival will bring together female film directors, producers and actors.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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