World Music Day: The move to new generational music in Cameroon

Today is World Music Day and Cameroon like other countries has moved with the changing times in this art to the point of the introduction of a genre which could be termed new generational music.

In the 1980’s, 90’s and even 2000’s, Cameroonian music was more of Bikutsi, Bend-skin, Makossa, Assiko and Njang.

Back then, such music was unique to Cameroon and to some extent, Central Africa.

Things have however drastically changed with the introduction of a new trend of Afro Pop, Hip Hop and Dancehall (new generational music) in the Cameroonian music scene.

This new trend has pulled along with it, majority of the youth who now prefer these rhythms over the former existent genres.

“Times are changing and we need to follow the trend. If you want to be a successful musician nowadays, you need to sing songs that capture the new generation kids,” argues Johanne, a music lover.

He however frowns at artists who spend time singing lyrics packed with immoral messages.

As for Carole, she is happy to see young Cameroonians making a name through music.

Laura N. shares the same view as Johanne and Carole but frowns at the new generational musicians’ failure to promote Cameroon’s culture through dressing, dancing or even messages.

She also complains of the attitude of copying from Nigeria and the Western World.

In addition to the above, Laura decries the fact that music with inadequate content sometimes sell more that that which conveys good messages.

Vera F. is one of those who are not fans of the new generational music in Cameroon.

“I don’t like it because it destroys the reasoning and upbringing of the youth. More to that, most messages are not pleasant and many youths run after the rhythm without even thinking about the message,” she states.

The new generational musicians in Cameroon are many; every now and then one discovers a new musician through posters and flyers, at events or during concerts.

It is clear that new generational music has come to stay yet, it is the hope of most Cameroonians that its artists focus on coveying good messages and promoting the culture of Cameroon.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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