Cameroon and Chad to the linked via bridge over Logone River

Construction work on the second bridge over the river Logone in the Far North region which will link Cameroon to Chad will begin in August 2018 and not in June as earlier announced.  In information was made public at the start of the sixth session of the bilateral committee steering project.

The Secretary General in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development who is also the co-president of the committee, indicated that biding for funding is on going at the African Development Bank.

The project is one of the strategic priorities of the two countries the strive to develop regional infrastructure as a priority to boost exchange.

The 620m bridge to be built across the Logone River which is a natural border between the two countries will link Yagoua in Cameroon and Bongor in Chad.

According to preliminary studies the project that seeks to foster African Integration and consequently improve the quality of life in the sub region will be executed in four years.

The bridge over the Logone River is a project that ties to Cameroon 2035 Vision, which considers the development of infrastructure linked economic development as pivotal in making the country a major crossroad for trade in Central Africa sub region.

Economic importance

Upon completion, the new transit route will improve the transport system in the Lake Chad Basin region. It will also drive development and economic competitiveness within the frontier zone between Cameroon and Chad which had been vulnerable to Boko Haram incursions.

The project that consist of a 620 metre long bridge over the Logone River between Bongor in Chad and Yagoua in Cameroon and building a 14 kilometre road linking the two towns will result in drop in cost of transport and a rise in the living standards of people living along the road.

Trade and transit will be facilitated as people and goods will move more easily between the two countries with high economic potentials.

Besides its direct impacts on users and residents of the neighbouring villages, the bridge should boost the economic potentials in agriculture, timber and mineral sectors, in northern Cameroon and in the south-western region of Chad.

Social cultural exchanges will also grow between the two peoples. In this regards there are plans to rehabilitate the socioeconomic infrastructure, promote entrepreneurship for women and youths.

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Elvis Teke

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