FONAIC 2018: boosting Cameroon’s industrialization

The Cameroon National Forum for Industries (FONAIC) has been organised in Yaounde from the 26th to the 27th June 2018. The exhibition that has been placed under the patronage of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, seeks to promote Cameroon’s agricultural, forestry and mining potentials.

It will also be an occasion to popularize Cameroon’s master plan for industrialization and to mobilize actors likely to accompany Cameroon’s national industrial reconstruction.

The Cameroon Industrialization Master Plan that one of the pillars of the country’s ambitious programme to become an emergent nation by 2035 lays emphasis on transformation of local produce.

The Plan targets five strategic sectors including;

# Forest, Agro-industry, Biomass, Energy, Rail

# Digital Infrastructures & Economics;

#NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles);

#Industrial Integration Urbanization-Habitat-Public Works;

#Textile, Cotton, Leather & transformation

The different sectors are expected to boost the national industrial reconstruction and make the country a hub in an Economic Community of Central African States.

Prior to the kickoff of the event, the Minister of Mines of Industry and Technological Development published a list of three hundred and sixty (360) priority industrial projects shortlisted for financing on the Ministry’s website (

The projects seek to promote the agricultural, forestry and mining potential of Cameroon.

The Ministry of Mines of Industry and Technological Development has drawn up a list of 360 priority industrial projects with financing needs. These include the Starch Production Unit for Corn, Cassava, and Associated Flour (Semolina) and the Solar Panel Manufacturing Unit.

During the two day event, reflexions will turn around the theme, “Agro-industry, a sanctuary of industrial reconstruction for the emergence of Cameroon”.

FONAIC which is in its first edition will be an opportunity for stakeholders to take stock of Cameroon’s industry potentials.

Round table discussions around sub themes have been scheduled for the first day of the events. They include mechanisms that contribute to the emergence of Cameroon and the ways of financing the industry. Products from certain pilot industries in Cameroon, as well as industrial services in will be on exhibition.


Below is the full list of these projects.


N °DescriptionNumber
1Plastic packaging production unit10
2Paper production unit(cardboard)05
33 Pesticide production unit03
44 Fertilizer production unit 0404
5Packaged tomato and fruit juice production units 1010
6Starch production unit for maize, cassava, and associated flour (semolina)10
7Cane sugar processing plant02
8Solar Panel Manufacturing Unit05
9Plant producing solar energy with injection in the national grid03
10Wood Processing Units05
11Gold Conditioning Units04
12Clinker production units (input for cement production)02
13Construction of a cement factory in Kribi 0101
1414 Cocoa Processing Plant 0505
15Plastic consumables production unit04
16Crude Oil Refinery at Kribi01
17Tire production units for vehicles and heavy machinery03
18Rubber production unit with internal planting02
19Cotton Yarn Production Unit with Internal Planting05
20Industrial Garment Making Workshop05
21Aluminum processing unit (from waste) 0505
22Ferrous material recycling processing unit 0505
23Iron extraction plants02
24Aluminum Extraction and Conditioning Plant01
25Stone quarry stone processing unit of different standards 2020
26Capture and water treatment plants 3030
27Palm oil storage plant 0505
28Industrial parks 1004
29Extension of banana packing plants in Penja04
30Extension of pepper packing factories04
31Tile production plant04
32Orthopedic Prosthesis Manufacturing Unit02
33Plastic Medical Consumables Manufacturing Unit03
34Coffee processing unit with planting04
35Computer and Computer Consumable Assembly Unit10
36Bolts production unit (screws, bolts, nuts, rivets)10
37Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Unit (Extensions, Outlets, Electrical Switches …)10
38Porcelain crockery production unit02
39 Leather Balloon Production Unit04
40 Custom jersey production unit01
41Asphalt Products Production Unit02
42Tissue production unit08
43Lubricant Production Unit04
44Factory for complete motorcycle assembly01
45Modern shoe production line04
46Vehicle assembly plant02
47Production unit for pharmaceutical products (paracetamol, ibuprofen, antimalarials …)04
48Leather production units15
49Dairy production unit10
50Cereal Processing Unit10
51Costume and tailoring workshops04
52Copper Wire Production Unit04
53Wire Production Unit02
54Steel production unit10
55Porcelain accessories manufacturing plant for toilet10
56Flour production unit based on local tubers10
57Plastic waste recycling plant10
58Computer Waste Recycling Plant04
59Compost Production Unit15
60Pasta production unit04
61Plants and Aquaculture of Cameroon (PAC)01
62Industrial Agrifood Complex of Kaélé01
63Agroindustrial Technopole of Ouassa-Babouté01



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