Football : FIFA suspends FECAFOOT General Assembly

The World Football governing body,FIFA has temporally suspended the Annual General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation,FECAFOOT innitially planned for Saturday 23rd June 2018.

The decision was taken Wednesday 20th June 2018 in Zurich during a meeting between the FIFA office and the Normalisation Committee at FECFAOOT.

The information is contained in a press release signed by the Secretary General at FECAFOOT,Martin Etonge.

Accordingly,the communique states that the Extra-ordinary General Assemby of FECAFOOT build for June 23 will be moved to an indefinite date possibly at the end of the ongoing June session of Parliament.

The context of the Extra-ordinary FECAFOOT General Assembly

The delayed meeting was a platform for the executive of the Cameroon Football Federation to revise and put to use the new statutes and textes of FECAFOOT recently modified by  FIFA.

After the modification of the textes governing national football federations,the football governing body meets to review,update and implement the textes.

In this case,the statutes and textes  of FECAFTOOT in Cameroon are not binding due to the recent decision by FIFA to delay the planned General Assembly until further notice

Reasons for the suspension of the FECAFOOT General Assembly

Football pundits say the 2011 Law on Sports and Physical and Education on the Cameroonian Sports Charter is ambigious,thus government should table a bill to the National Assembly for revision

The ambiguity of the bill that define sports in Cameroon comes from the fact that, the law fails to indicate who and where to go to in case there are sports litigations

FIFA has also noted that,the  2011 Law does not have a clause on how cases concerning sports can be litigated.The question according to FIFA officials is; will sports cases be judged at the Appeal Chamber or the Homologation courts?

On the other side of the debate,many Cameroonian administrators have cried foul to one the recent clauses in the modified articles of the statutes and textes of FECAFOOT by FIFA.

The clause states that,No elected member of the country can be a member or President of the local football federation

In response, many Cameroonian administrators say it is a way to exclude them from football affairs in the country

The question many football lovers in the country are asking is; What if the government does not table the bill before the National Assembly for ractification?

These worries and many come at a time,FECAFOOT does not have President at the helm of its affairs plus the running mandate of the Normalisation Committee at FECAFOOT ends on 31st August 2018.

Benly Anchunda

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