June Cabinet meeting: Reforms on Public Contracts procedures discussed

Prime Minister Philemon Yang has instructed the Minister of Public Contracts to ensure that managers of public enterprises master the reforms introduced in the public contracts procurement procedure.

He handed down the instruction during the cabinet meeting of the month of June 2018 attended by all members of government at the Prime Minster’s office. The Prime Minister noted that the quick implementations of the reforms on the status of public and para-private enterprises in Cameroon by all stakeholders will acceleration economic growth.

The cabinet meeting was marked by the presentation of two exposes related to the reforms; first by the Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze and the second by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Public Contracts, Abba Sadou. Both Minister are pivotal in the implementation of the reforms.

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze told meeting that the innovations contained in the new reforms on the status of companies and public enterprises will enable Cameroon to meet international standards in the domain. It will also improve the managerial skills of heads of the concerned establishments.

Key reforms

The modification which is part of a ten chapter regulatory framework outlined in the 2017 decree by the President of the Republic on the award of public contracts in state owned enterprises has resulted in some procedural changes.

# The board of directors becomes the organ responsible for the organisation and award of public contracts with public enterprises.

# The board of directors becomes the interface between the auditing and the executing authorities.

# The creation of a committee to arbitration and examination of petitions when filed to the board of directors.

Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Public Contracts, Abba Sadou highlighted the need for the respect of regulations applicable to public enterprises in Cameroon.

Expected Results

The new rules that govern the management of public and para public enterprises in the country is contained in a 26 articles law, divided in ten chapters that was passed last year 2017.

The Minister of Finance explained that the new dispositions will make public companies more competitive especially the Economic and Monetary Community of central African States, CEMAC sub region where the economic environment in perpetual mutation.

The 2017 law on the general statutes of public corporations was described by Minister Louis Paul Motaze as a manual that all managers must master to be efficient.

At the close of the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Philemon Yang told all the cabinet members to continue working as a team and speed up proceeding to ensure the effective implementation of measures as prescribed by President Paul Biya to better the lives of Cameroonians.

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