Public contracts procurement: Head of State sets new rules

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya signed a decree on June 12, 2018, laying down new rules applicable to the public enterprise in Cameroon.

In its general provisions, Article 2 of the Presidential Decree states that procurement by public contracts will henceforth be carried out based on a number of principles.
They include equity in the treatment of candidates who submit calls for tender, transparency of procedures and fair prices.
The decree also applies to any public contract financed or co-financed by the budget of a public company, funds from foreign aid, bilateral or multilateral loans endorsed by the State on behalf of a public company.

Article 4 specifies the conditions of application of the presidential decree. It also specifies the provisions where this decree do not apply which include services, purchase orders and the amount of which is fixed by a resolution of the Board of Directors in consideration of the specificities of the company.

Article 6 stresses that the Board of Directors, invested with the most extensive powers, acts in all circumstances on behalf of the public company. Among other tasks, ensure compliance with the rules of competition, equal treatment of candidates and also transparency and fair price in the process of awarding contracts. Consequently, it gives an approval to contract award proposals according to the thresholds it defines.

It also approves the procurement plan proposed by the Directorate General;

The board has also been empowered to make arrangements for the organization and functioning of an Internal procurement system. It will also designate its president, its members, the secretary and evaluate its activities.
The internal control of the execution of contracts awarded by public companies falls within the competence of the Client.

Elvis Teke

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