Ramadan: Muslim faithful wait for a sign to celebrate

Muslim faithful, steadfast in observing the holy month of Ramadan this far, now look forward to the signal for celebrations.

Considered as one of the five pillars of Islam, alongside, faith, prayer, charity and the pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca, the Ramadan is an annual celebration.

The holy month officially began on 16th May 2018, and is projected to end on 14th June 2018.

But, true to tradition, the 14th June date needs to be confirmed with the appearance of the moon.

The Cameroon National Lunar Crescent Commission have issued a communique asking the entire Muslim community to be watchful to see when the moon appears.

Whichever community that sights the moon first will send the message to other communities.

If the moon is not located this Wednesday 13th at night, the feast will be postponed to Friday 15th June 2018.

The Ramadan period ends with what muslims call “Eid”

Eid in full is, “Eid ul Fitr”, it is the first sight of the new moon.

At the first sight of the new moon, Muslims have their first daytime meal after a month of fasting.

Eid is also a day of celebration during which Muslims, in their best attires, offer gifts to friends and family.

On this day and henceforth, the Muslim are encouraged to be charitable by donating money, cloth and other basic commodities to the less fortunate.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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