Road Security: Ministry of Transport unveils new security measures

The Ministry of Transport is organising open door days to create awareness on road security and acquaint the public on new measures to scale down road accidents.

The open door days have been oranised at the Yaoundé Sports Complex.

Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe at the opening ceremony outlined measures taken by government to ensure road security.

He lauded contributions from other partners who have been assisting government fight road accidents.


The facts and figures on road accidents

In 2016, the National Gendarmerie registered 2,895 road accidents resulting to 1,196 deaths.

In 2017, the number of accidents dropped to 2,344 accidents with 937 deaths registered.

Approximately 64% of accidents in Cameroon occur on tarred roads while 36% occur on earth roads.

Most of the road accidents occur along the Yaoundé – Douala – Bafoussam – Yaoundé triangle.

Over 46% of accidents on this stretch account for 50% deaths recorded from road accidents, reason why the triangle is now referred to as “the death triangle.”


Road safety: The Exhibitions

Visitors of the road safety open door days exhibition are being acquainted with the different safety measures

The National Gendarmerie has placed a third generation apparatus used in road safety control.

Part of it is a metal detector which also identifies radioactive material.

At another stand, the police explained how it controls traffic through security footage cameras.

Officials advise visitors on what to do and how to behave in situations of distress.

A stand which caught the attention of many a visitor was that of victims of road accidents.

This group of persons with amputated limbs stood there as clear examples of the reckless driving that government is combatting.

Through this group, the public was reminded of the devastation caused by the non-respect of road safety rules.

Most visitors have saluted government’s efforts at reinforcing highway security.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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