Cinema: “Ward Zee” new film focuses on child trafficking

The Cameroon film industry has a new production, “Ward Zee” which was officially released on 23rd June 2018. It is a film that discusses the dire need for effective measures to fight child trafficking in hospitals.

Ward Zee recounts the story of a woman, Page Asanji fighting for her life and that of her missing son.

In the hospital she gets up and realises that her two-day old baby is missing.

All evidence of her pregnancy and delivery have been wiped out, worse still, her husband and maid have disappeared.

Suspense builds up in “Ward Zee” as the actors remain doubtful of the woman’s claim.

The film was shot in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

Delphine Itambi is Writer, Producer and Director of the movie.

In an interview granted to a local press, she states that “Ward Zee” was writen to give a voice to women who have unjustly lost their children in hospitals in the country.

She decries the act of either stealing newborns or swaping healthy babies for those that are sick.

She says the mother-victims are always left in a state of dilemma and trauma.

Ward Zee competes at the 2018 Ecrans Noirs Film Festival in the category of ‘Feature Films”.

Delphine Itambi was assisted by Kunle Afolayan as Co-Producer and Guest Director from Nigeria.

Other members of the crew include Etta Rene T. (Director of Cinematography), Yibain Emile-Aime Chah “Ancestor” (Artistic Director), Mokom Wilston Muluh (Production Design), Achille Brice (Post Production), Ralph Obi (Lighting), Geraldine Rignda (Script girl) and Betrand Apongpo (Sound).

Mbango Adambi, Gobina Charlotte, Oyama Laura, Gobina Franklin, Libota Macdonald, Ndamo Damarise, Anurin Nwunembom, Vicky Fokala, Irene Nangi and Norbert Young starred in the film.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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