World Bank: Cameroon receives 72billion CFA francs as support for refugee programmes

The World Bank has donated 72 billion CFA francs to Cameroon as support to refugee programmes and their host communities.

The donation which is first of its kind through the International Development Association (IDA18) is to support low income countries hosting large numbers of refugees.

Cameroon is host to the highest number of refugees in the Central Africa Sub Region.

The Far North is host to over one hundred thousand refugees from Nigeria since the start of the Boko Haram insurgencies.

The Adamawa and East Regions are both host to refugees from the Central Africa Republic following socio political uprisings in the country.

The World Bank through the IDA18 programme is geared at extending aid to refugee programmes in Cameroon due to this massive influx from neighbouring countries.

Cameroon is one of the first countries that will benefit from the AID18 refugee programme.

The IDA18 programme is funded by donor countries to developing countries who have met funding criteria.

The main factor that determines the allocation of IDA resources among eligible countries is each country’s performance in implementing policies that promote economic growth and poverty reduction.


Objectives of the IDA18 programme

The AID among its goals of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals have as others:

-Double financial support in aggregate for countries facing current or rising risks of fragility.

-Increase support to strong performing countries and non-fragile or conflict states, who would continue to receive the bulk of IDA financing.

-To assure the humanitarian support of refugees ensuring their basic needs are met.

The World Bank financial aid through the International Development Association will help fund four major refugee programmes which are all geared at ameliorating the refugee situation in Cameroon.


 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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