World Sickle Cell Day 2018: A day of solidarity with sufferers in Cameroon

Cameroon joined the International Community to commemorate World Sickle Cell Day on 19th June 2018 with a series of sensitisation activities carried out.

The activities organised mainly within health units gave an opportunity for the public to learn more about the pathology.

At the Sickle Cell Department of the Yaoundé Central Hospital, the turnout was massive.

The population met a number of patients most of whom were children.

Sickle cell anaemia specialists at the centre gave educational talks on the cause, symptoms, treatment and how to live with this blood disorder.

Many in attendance expressed sympathy with the sufferers, others offered gifts while others donated blood as a show of solidarity.

Pressure groups that clamour for more government’s involvement in the treatment of sickle cell anaemia patients were very active.

The Cameroon Sickle Cell Organisation (CAMISCO) for example, pressed for free sickle cell drugs and subsidy just like those patients suffering from hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and cancer etc.

Other groups joined the sickle cell community wearing red and black outfits all through the month of June as a sign of hope and solidarity with the patients.

Sickle Cell disease is an inherited disorder.

Living with the deficiency, according to eye witness accounts, is a daily challenge.

The pathology cannot be completely treated but it can be controlled.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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