A Mother and Child Pavilion soon at the St John of Malta Hospital in Njombe

A fully-equipped Mother and Child Pavillion, worth 765 million CFAF will soon be constructed at the Saint John of Malta Hospital in Njombe, under the instructions of the Head of State, Paul Biya. 

The minister of Public Health in Cameroon, Andre Mama Fouda, announced the plan this July 19, 2018 during an official event at the hospital to receive the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre Del Tempio di Sanguinetto.

Minister Mama Fouda hailed the existing cooperation ties between the Order of Malta and Cameroon in the health domain, while commending the staff of the hospital for the remarkable health services rendered to the population of the locality.


The Visit of the Grand Master to the Njombe Hospital

Meanwhile Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre Del Tempio di Sanguinetto, was visiting the hospital as his last port of call during his 4-day official visit to Cameroon. Visibly impressed with the quality of services offered there – treatment and care for those afflicted by both physical and spiritual wounds – he encouraged the staff to work relentlessly in ensuring good health for the population. According to him, there was no greater effort, reiterating how the work of the hospital squarely falls within the framework of the humanitarian ambitions of the Order.

Fra’ Giacomo was accompanied by the President of the Order of Malta in France, Yann Baggio, who on behalf of the Grand Master, decorated meritorious staff, beginning with the Director of the hospital, Laurent Buffeteau, with Gold and Silver medals of the Cross of Malta.

The St John of Malta Hospital is located along the Douala-Bamenda highway which is a major spot where numerous accidents are recorded. This has made the hospital the first reference for immediate emergency services to victims of road accidents.

The hospital is approximately 80 kilometres from Douala and was initially constructed in 1995 as ‘Hopital Mont Kupe’ to attend to the thousands of workers in the Njombe-Penja plantations.

In the year 2000, it was rehabilitated and refurbished by the Sovereign Order of Malta, and taking over its management and baptising it, “St John of Malta Hospital, Njombe.”


Operational Capacity of the St John of Malta Hospital

The hospital offers general medicine and has a staff strength of 150, with 10 medical doctors and five specialists including a paediatrician, gynaeco-obstetrician, anaesthetist, cardiologist, biologist/pharmacist to add to the Consultants.

It has an interning capacity of 100 beds spread out as such; 20 beds for the Surgery unit, 18 for general medicine, 30 for paediatrics and 23 for gynaeco-obstetrics.

It is a referral hospital which also welcomes interns from medical schools in Cameroon (University of Yaounde, Douala, Universite des Montagnes and the Catholic Hospital) and France specifically from the Medical School in Lille.

According to the director of the Hospital, an average of 4500 patients turn up monthly for consultations with a delivery recorded every 7 hours and about 200 surgeries carried out every week.

All the patients spoken to by this reporter expressed their preference to the hospital for its humanitarian aspect of treatment first before payment which is the opposite of what obtains in government hospitals.

Melvis Kimbi Lu.



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