Agriculture: One billion CFA F to boost Palm oil, banana and pineapple production

The Cameroon government have and the African Development Bank signed an agreement to boost value chain agricultural production in Cameroon. Palm oil, banana and pineapple production are the key sectors target by the programme.

A partnership agreement worth One billion CFA Francs was signed this Tuesday, 3rd June 2018 in Yaoundé. The project that will run for 45 months has been placed under the technical supervision of to ministries namely; The Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The projects will be implemented on the field by the Institute for Research and Agricultural Development, IRAD and the agriculture value chain project.

Economic Importance

Cameroon produces large quantities of palm oil, banana and pineapple a significant quarter is exported. The agricultural sector has a major role to play in achieving this government of Cameroon’s goal of becoming an emerging economy by 2035. The African Development Bank project is expected to boost the agricultural industry, expand production and address the current net balance of trade.

Palm Oil

The project comes at a time when the government has authorised the importation of 100 thousand tons of palm oil in 2018 to supply refineries; a decision that came following an increase in the refining capacity while local production was stagnating.
Cameroon was amongst the world highest exporters of banana but since 2016 banana exportation dropped by 30,000 tons.


Statistics from the National Port Authority reveal that volume of Banana exported by the Association of Banana producers of Cameroon (ASSOBACAM) reduced by 279,493 tons compared to 2015. Cameroon’s average annual production around 300,000 tons is said to have fallen partly because of heavy rains and floods that swept away large portions of plantations.


Cameroon is blessed with fertile soil. Bafia in the Centre region is one of the major production centres of pineapples. It is also one of the fruits cultivated in the entire region and beyond with relatively cheap labour. However the system of agriculture is still rudimentary.
Following the launch of Agropoles project, supervised by the Ministry of Economy and meant to boost the local production, 118 hectares of pineapple farm was announced in Kumba, in the South West region to boost pineapple production.

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