Anglophone crisis: Men of God opt to spearhead peace talk

Christian Cardinal Tumi invited his peers of other denominations to discuss a way out of the ongoing political situation in Cameroon.

Christian Cardinal Tumi

Those who took part in the meeting organised in Douala Wednesday 25th July 2018 are;
# Christian Cardinal Tumi, Arch Bishop Emeritus of Douala
#Reverend Babila George Fochang, Synod Clerk Presbyterian Church
# Tukur Mohammed Adamu, Iman of the Central Mosque Bamenda.
# Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar, Iman of the Central Mosque Buea
# Dr.Simon Munzu, of the civil society with great expirience in conflict management. He is spokesperson for the college of mediators.
The men of God examined the prevailing situation and resolved to begin the crusade for peace.

Inclusive Dialogue; the indespensible way out

In a press statement, they proposed a plan to restore peace in the two regions whose people are currently witnessing untold hardship.
They recommended a national frank and inclusive dialogue on the anglophone problem in Cameroon.
But, before the forum is organised, the peace mediators have convened an Anglophone General Conference AGC, to identify the representatives and issues to be tabled at the Forum for Inclusive Dialogue.
The Anglophone General Conference has been scheduled for 29th/30th July 2018 in Buea.
The Men of God are asking all anglophones from the two regions to send representatives to Buea.
Also, all Cameroonians or descendents who settled in any of the regions before 1961 qualify to be part of the conference.

The Plea for a cease fire

The spiritual leaders call on the extremists in the different areas to immediately stop the violence to creat a favourable condition for dialogue.
They exhorted the President of the Republic to stretch a hand of peace by releasing all detainees currently held in relation to the crisis.
A relative peace will not only favour dialogue but encourage refugees and internally displaced persons to return home.
Christian Wiyghan Cardinal Tumi, Arch Bishop Emeritus of Douala spearheads the present call for inclusive dialogue almost two years after the crisis began.
The man of God from Kumbo, North West region is known to be a straight talker .
The choice of spiritual leaders as mediators could only have been thought through by an 87 year old with a wide expirience.

Pamela Bidjocka

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