Cameroonian Invention to protect electric appliances

Electric charges produced by lightening general blow off electric devices. A Cameroonian inventor, Colbert Tchakoute explains charges emitted from lightening are can be channelled through a TV antenna or cable system to the TV. The undesired charge may destroy some electric appliances.

In some homes people manually disconnect the antennas from their TV sets and other appliances from electricity supply before going to bed as a preventive measure. Colbert Tchakoute has, however developed a smart solution that automatically detects electricity fluctuations and disconnects the appliances.

The appliance that was named the Tchak’s TV Guard ensures that electricity voltage is maintained between 110 and 250 Volts. The inventor says he has also incorporated a lighting system that automatically turns on when there are electricity outages.

The appliance that is still in its trail phase is protected by the African Intellectual Property Organisation. The inventor who insists that his appliance can do more that what has been enumerated above is seeking for partnerships to multiply the production of his device.

The invention also won a gold medal in 2017 during the international Invention Exhibition that was organised in Geneva, Switzerland

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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