CRTV praised by the Electricity Development Corporation Boss

The Director General of the Electricity Development Corporation, EDC, Dr Theodore Nsangou has acknowledged the immense support given his structure by the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV in the execution of their projects, especially the Lom Pangar.

Speaking at the Conference Room of the CRTV this Monday afternoon in the presence of Charles Ndongo and his collaborators, Dr Nsangou said his visit was to further strengthen the already existing partnership and to announce new projects for which they solicit media coverage.

According to him, the most important component of the Lom Pangar Dam was the construction itself, which was completed in 2017.

The filling process for the dam was kick-started in 2015 and has been running for three years now.     At the moment, the whole population of Cameroon is said to be benefitting from the dam, with a significant drop in load shading which had become the norm in recent times. This is so because the Lom Pangar dam has increased the flow of the Sanaga River which in turn feeds the SongLoulou and Edea hydro-power dams which generate electricity for the entire country.

Meanwhile the 30megawatt Power Plant at the Lom Pangar will go functional at the beginning of August 2018.

The contract has already been signed.

The Lom Pangar Environmental and Social plan

Another component of the project is the environmental and social plan which seeks to foster the development level as well as improve on the livelihood of the community in the area.

One of the aspects of the plan is rural electrification. There will also be the construction of roads, hospitals, social infrastructure and classrooms as well as the provision of assistance in socio economic activities like fishing.

Melvis Kimbi Lu


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