FENAC 2018: Organisers erect a monument representing  Cameroon in its diversity

The National Art and Culture Festival FENAC in Bertoua enters Day 3 this Wednesday 18th July 2018.

Thousands of visitors continously stream into the festival village to witness exciting performances from participants from all parts of Cameroon and without.
Another crowd puller is the FENAC 2018 monument inaugurated on Monday 16th July 2018 by Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philomen Yang.
The monument has been baptised “the national symphony.”

 “The national symphony”

The 2018 National Art and Culture Festival monument was conceived to be a complete representation of Cameroon’s cultural diversity.
Standing at the foregrounds of the newly constructed Bertoua Regional Delegation of Art and Culture, the imposing monument is 7.5m tall with four musical instruments that represent the four cultural zones of Cameroon.
There is the Garaya, a musical instrument mostly used in the three northern regions of Cameroon.
The wooden gong which is used by people of the grass-field for songs of the “Mbag-Lum” and “Samba” categories.
The monument has a metal gong used by the sawa of the coastal line areas of Cameroon. The instrument is mostly used during special ceremonies and traditional rituals.
The drum represents the southern tropical forest people, which include the Beti, Beulu, Fang, and Pygmies which is used at most ceremonies.
The monument was designed by the 2018 FENAC Commissioner Mal Njam.
The designer explains that materials used to craft-out the monument were chosen in due consideration of the climatic condition of the town .

Reaction of visitors

Many 2018 FENAC guests have been expressing satisfaction with the artistic performance of the edifice.
One visitor from the Adamawa region considers the monument  a true symbol of national unity.
“It is very great to see that my region is represented on a monument like this. The garaya is a lovely musical instrument used by my people. Having it as part of the monument with the other instruments mean we are all one and indivisible.”
Other visitors leave the 2018 FENAC Village to the monument where memories are immortalised  through pictures.
Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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