FENAC 2018: The Baka pygmies bring their culture to the festival

The 2018 National Art and Culture Festival FENAC in Bertoua draws to an end as it enters Day 5 this Friday 20th July 2018.



The enthusiasm expressed by exhibitors and visitors remain unshaken seen from the general atmosphere of excitement.

Amazed by the installations within the FENAC village, many get to learn more about the different cultures.

One of such that have been a major attraction of the 2018 FENAC village is the Baka pygme settlement, the biggest exhibition space at the festival.

The indigenous people who live in the forest have a very peculiar way of life.

Replica of the “Mungolu”, the hut in which they live in the heart of the forest have been erected in the FENAC village.

The mungolus are not only for exhibition, they are temporal habitat during the period of FENAC 2018.

Every visitor to the Baka pygmie exhibition site is welcomed with the words “Wojoko doto” meaning, “You are welcome.”

The Baka’s explain that the huts are generally built by women while men go hunting for food.

The young Baka girls at the festival are engaged in building the huts as demonstration to the many guests, some of who take part in the construction process.


Concomitantly with the building process are traditional dance groups and a Baka music band that entertain the many attracted to the Pygmie installation.

The beautiful vocal sounds and hip movement from members of the dance groups accompany other display at the site.

The Baka Bine music group using relatively modern guitars as music instrument adds splendour to their show.

The group explains that a tourist thought one of theirs how to play the modern guitar. This knowledge was transmitted to others as prove that the pygmies who traditionally lived a very secluded life, now open to the modern world.

The Baka Bine music group states that they have even travelled to the USA and England.

Visitors join the group in chanting some of their popular songs while others immortalise the show with photographs.

Photos of the group and the “Mungolus” will bring back memories of FENAC 2018 years after the festival.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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