National Education: Authorities add more to holiday classes

It is third term holiday characterised by holiday classes for pupils and students. In the Centre Region, many schools of the English subsystem of education have organised these classes.

Other teachings are organised privately by teachers who negotiate with school authorities to use the premises.

The organisers of holiday classes posit that continuous classes is best for students.

Pedagogic inspectors support the theory that holiday classes favours better performance.

Emma Tataw one pedagogic inspector specifies that these classes help pupils and students memorise lessons.

“Holiday classes offers an opportunity for the student to revise courses studied during the previous academic year. It also enables them further explore a known topic to discover new interest.”

In some schools, holiday classes is specifically programmed for students who are repeating the class.

The Head Teacher of a primary school in Obili Yaoundé says the performance of the student in holiday classes also determines if the child should be promoted to the next class.

Pedagogic inspectors have also applauded the changing dynamics of holiday classes which now include recreational activities like sports and excursion.

This enable the student relax and get out of pure academics.

This notwithstanding, hardliners still believe holiday is period to rest and get off book work.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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