NW/SW Crisis: Defence Minister Visits Batibo and Belo

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency on charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo has visited Batibo in Momo and Belo, in Boyo Division all in the North West Region.

The working visit the two divisions is to appraise the security situation in the localities the have known sporadic waves of insecurity.

During each discussions with defence personnel deployed to enforce security, law and order in the localities, Minister Joseph Beti Assomo transmit the encouragement of the Head of the State to the Forces fighting secessionist assailants.

The Defence Minister expressed a noted of satisfaction with the relative calm that has been brought to the two localities which have been labelled as the hot spots in the Region.

The choice of Batibo and Belo can attributed to the fact that on 11th February 2018, the Divisional Officer for Batibo was abducted by armed assailants and taken to an unknown destination.

The North West Regional delegate for Social Affairs was also kidnapped weeks later in the outskirts of Batibo.

Secessionist fighters are said to have repeatedly attacked defence and security forces.

The working visit to the North West region marks the second phase of an evaluation trip that began in the South West region to take stock of the situation and galvanize the troops stay on the alert, remain professional and work with the population and the administration for intelligence gathering.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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