Pan African Parliament, PAP: strives to be self sustained by 2019

The Pan African Parliament is striving to be self sustained by 2019.

The Chairman of the budget and Finance committee Hon Michael John Temple of Swaziland made the statement while defending the 2019 budget of the continental legislative organ.

The budget stands at 26 millions USD was approved and will be included in the African Union 2019 budget.

The continental Parliament voted the budget amidst controversy and a recommendation from AU foreign ministers that the institution’s budget be suspended.

In meantime, a scheduled performance audit due to start soon will be completed by 15th November 2018.

The 2019 budget shows a 35% increase compared to that of 2018 which stood at 19 million USD.
Budget and Finance committee Chairman, Hon Michael John Temple indicated that the increase is due to the addition of programmes and the inclusion of the rents of the PAP official residence in the 2019 budget.

He also pointed to salary adjustments, increase in allowances for education, travel, accommodation and ICT maintenance as other contributing factors.

He added that it was imperative for the PAP to be able to plan these activities and be self sustained by 2019 in order to remain relevant and operational as a continental parliament.

The budget of the continental body headed by Cameroonian born Roger Nkodo Ndang focuses of four main objectives; enhance legislative capacity, increased oversight of the PAP, representation of the African people and building institutional capacity if the legislature.

The Pan African Parliament with head quarters in Midrand, South African is one of the organs of the African Union.

All 54 member countries of the African Union are represented at the PAP by five legislators.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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