World day Against Trafficking in Persons

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons is being commemorated across the globe this July 30, 2018 and CRTV Radio is hosting educative talks.

The event on the sixth floor of the Radio House is focusing on trafficking in Women and children which is a reality in Cameroon.

Memories are still fresh on the stories of the female returnees from the Middle East and the case of the Libyan slave markets with hundreds of Cameroonian victims.

The talks are targeting about 100 young people.

Organised by MEWIC Cameroon and the Welisane Foundation in partnership with CRTV Radio, the event will be echoed in other radio programmes like Frequence Jeune, Calling the Women and Entre Nous les Dames as well as on the news.


July 30 was designated as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, in 2013 by member states of the UN.

Melvis Kimbi Lu





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