2018 presidential election: Voters rush to retrieve voter cards

Elections governing body in Cameroon, ELECAM, is witnessing a surge in the number of people collecting voter’s cards as polling day approaches.

According to the Yaounde I council branch at Mballa II, an average of 500 cards are distributed every week. The figures are even higher on some weeks, reaching up to 1,000, says Mrs Helene Onana Ngono, the head of the council branch.

According to Mrs Ngono, the distribution process started earlier in 2018 but was timid until July when the electoral college was convened. As days go by, the numbers keep rising.

Mrs Ngono suggests that the surge is probably due to the closeness of polling day, which is scheduled for October 7th, 2018.

Some electors who have come to collect their cards agree with her.

Ngouh Felix, for instance told CRTV: “I didn’t have enough time to come earlier but now that the 7th of October is at hand, I have to get set for the great event.” Mr Ngouh was speaking with his card in hand.

But other people like Mfon Njoya Ibrahim Raoul have waited till now to collect their cards because of reasons beyond their control.

“This is the fourth time I have come to collect my card. But I have not found it yet,” Mr Mfon disclosed.

“They told me cards done in 2018 are not yet available. However, they have taken my number to call when it is available,” he concluded, as he walked away.

Raphael Ndinga has his own reason for collecting the card just a few weeks to the D-day.

“I came earlier, about three months ago. But I was asked to wait for a note launching the start of the distribution of voter’s card,” Mr Ndinga revealed.

“And since then I have been out of Yaounde. I just came back a week ago and decided to collect it at once,” he added.

In the meantime, Mrs Helene Onana Ngono is urging electors to collect their cards as soon as possible.

She also wishes to inform voters that ELECAM has mobile distribution units going from door to door to deliver the cards.

Mrs Ngono said electors can only collect their cards in the sub division where they got registered. And that they can only cast their vote at the polling station indicated on the voter’s card.
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