Constitutional Council: Hearings on pre-election petitions this Friday

The constitutional Council will begin hearings on cases of 12 petitions received from candidates whose bids to run as candidates for the 7th October 2018 presidential election were rejected by ELECAM.

The Secretary of the Constitutional Council in a press release indicated that the hearings will commerce at 9:30 am this Friday, 17th August 2018, at the audience hall of the Constitutional Council situated within the premises of the Yaoundé Conference Centre.

The petition were deposited at the Constitutional Council within two days after the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon published the list of nine candidates retained to run for the Presidential elections in keeping with the electoral code.

A total of 28 candidates deposited files to run for the elections, one of the files was withdrawn, eighteen were rejected by the electoral board of ELECAM and nine retained for the race.

Amongst the twelve petition, Olivier Bilé of the UPF, indicated that their file was rejected for none payment of the 30 million CFA francs caution but they are petitioning the council to give them a chance to pay.

Another candidate indicates of the BIYA party says that the name of another candidates, Paul Biya who has been retained matches with the name of his party so the court should reject the candidature of Paul Biya and give the BIYA party the chance to run.

Another candidate, Ze Genevieve presents herself as a messiah sent by God to Cameroon and wants to Constitutional Council to give her a chance to run.

This Friday day, 17th August 2018, the Constitutional Council will be expected to determine the fate of the twelve candidates who look up to the highest jurisdiction of Cameroon

Elvis Teke

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