FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee: second term ends, no election

The second term given to the Normalisation Committee at FECAFOOT ends Friday 31st August 2018 without an election of a management team.

The FIFA-created Normalisation Committee was given an eight month period to review and reform the institutional framework of FECATOOT and organise election .

The Committee headed by Barrister Dieudonne Happi was expected to facilitate the exercise of voting new  executives and to draft a new statutes and texts for FECAFOOT.

On a wider scale,  FIFA  demanded the Committee to  review the laws governing football in Cameroon.

At the end of the second term, its almost evident that the Normalisation Committee has completed all assignments  but for the organisation of elections of new executives.

An innitial programme made public by the  Normalistaion Committee indicated that  elections at the divisional and regional levels were supposed to have been organised between  23rd June – 31st August 2018.

In February 2018, the FIFA  Manager for Africa and the Caribbean,  Veron Mesengo-Omba assured Cameroonians that the care taker committee will manage the affairs of FECAFOOT as long as the disagreement on election  persists.

Chances are high that the Normalisation Committee’s mandate  will be prolonged come Friday 31st August 2018 .

Benly Anchunda



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