Fighting Corruption: CONAC takes caravans to the public service

The Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Commission – CONAC, Rev Dr Dieudonne Massi Gams has launched an anti-corruption campaign in Yaounde.

The campaign dubbed, “Public Service is free of charge” was launched this 28th August 2018.

It is a mobile caravan with volunteers and staff of CONAC, posting anti-corruption notices on administrative buildings.

The CONAC Chairman, explains that the exercise is CONAC’s contribution to the African Union’s declaration of the year 2018 as Africa Year against corruption.

Rev Dr Dieudonné Massi Gams says the exercise is also a reminder to public service providers that services should be free as stipulated in the National Anti-Corruption Strategy adopted by the Government of Cameroon and its development partners in 2011.


After the official launch, the group of young volunteers divided into three groups posted the anti-corruption notices at various administrative buildings while others distributed
flyers and CONAC’s latest newsletter to passersby.

They all called on Cameroonians to denounce corruption through a toll-free number – 1517.

Fighting corruption: The AU

The African Union is one of the many sub saharan institutions that has taken the fight against corruption to a different level.

During an AU Summit of Heads of State and Governments organised from 27th June to 4th July 2017 in Addis Abeba, 2018 was labelled the African Year against corruption.

The AU’s Executive Council later dedicated 11th July 2018 as the African Day for the fight against Corruption.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

Une pensée sur “Fighting Corruption: CONAC takes caravans to the public service

  • 29 août 2018 à 12 h 09 min

    Cameroon fell into this quagmire term corruption when the nation as a whole failed to realise the actual meaning of national LOVE, UNITY and AFFECTIONATE TOGETHRNESS.
    It is this failure that is even pushing our beloved nation to differencies among us.
    To be franc talk, Cameroonians had love for one another; that is why for decades past by there was no real meaning of anglophone/francophone, or else we couldnt have intermarry, share on thesame table as one after the mixups in the 60s.
    The intermingling is what even makes the western world presently confused to give clear answer for the proposed seperation by some anglophones.
    Bribery that has the fundermentals of corruption in our nation started as FREEGIVING. This freegiving was a sign of appreciation when properly served and it had no particular levy. It could be more than what imagined but with no expected amount.
    Service people then exploited two situations: 1- Strategic office. 2- economic crisis to meet up with their attained statues. Exploitation on the masses began.
    Bribery is a mindset between those who give and those who takes. Those who give are also responsible because sometimes they demand the wrong job to be done.
    All of us Cameroonians must become God fearing in order to review the past as I explain above. We must denounce envy, greed, jealousy and pride and after all learn to be satisfied with what you deserve in order to bring down corruption to the point ZERO.


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