Hajj 2018: Cameroonian pilgrims to Mecca submit their country to Allah

Cameroonian pilgrims at the Hajj 2018 have offered special prayers for peace in the country as the present pilgrimage in Mecca gets to an end.


Hadj 2018

The 2,600 Cameroonians have entrusted the country to Allah hoping for stability and social cohesion in all ten regions.

On the sidelines of the pilgrimage rites, the head of the official Hajj 2018 delegation organized a special prayer session under the leadership of Cameroon’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Iya Tidjani.

The Muslim faithful also prayed for sustainable development and divine protection especially during this electoral year.

The faithful perused the rituals Tuesday 21st August 2018 with the stoning of the “Stelae” which is a representation of Satan.

They castigate all forms of evil and promised to live by the scriptures of the Holy Kuran.

The pilgrims offered special prayers in remembrance of the thousands of victims of the 2015 Hajj stampede amongst whom were over one hundred Cameroonians.

The pilgrimage in Mecca continues this Thursday 23rd August 2018 with a visit at the seven towers of the Kaaba.

The men and women from Cameroon are scheduled to visit other sacred areas such as Safa and Marwa in memory of the gesture of Hadjar, the mother of Ishmael.

The head of the Official Delegation of the Hajj 2018 met with members of the Cameroon National Hajj Commission and the pilgrims’ coaches this Wednesday 22nd August to take stock of the holy visit this far.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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