Indonesia: Devastating earthquake kills over 347 persons

A third devastating earthquake in the North Island of Lombok in Indonesia has killed over 347 people and caused an extensive material damage

The earthquake of 6.2 magnitude occurred on early Thursday 9th August in the Tanjung area in the Indonesia island.

It is the third earthquake occurring in just two weeks in the same country.

Accordingly, 1,400 people have been injured across Bali and Lombok two of the most affected cities.

The death toll is likely to increase as rescue operations are on the site.

In the meantime, some hospitals are flooded with victims of the unfortunate incident.

The World Red Cross amongst many other philanthropic organisations are at hand to assist the affected populations.

Statistics indicate that some 20,000 people affected by the natural disaster are still in need of assistance.

Worth noting is the fact that Indonesia is noted for occurrences of this magnitude. On 29th July 2018, the town of Lambok was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude causing landslides and subsequent destruction of a Hindu temple.

Before the third earthquake, an alert was already placed requesting for the evacuation of the area.

This negatively affected the tourism sector in the country as holiday makers and Australian tourists escaped for their dear lives.

Many have shared the opinion that Indonesia is at the brink of a humanitarian disaster as many more affected people need food, water, medical care and shelter.

For fear of unforeseen incidents, people are gradually running away from their homes to seek refuge in makeshift shelters.

Geographically, constant earthquakes are likely to cause a tsunami, but Indonesia’s geological agency has revealed it is not the case of Indonesia

Sonia Teyou (Intern)


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