Presidential Election 2018: CPDM campaign strategy unveiled

The Presidential elections is Cameroon is scheduled for 7th October 2018 and campaigns are expected to official begin two weeks before the polls.

In a bid a ensure a successful campaign, officials of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM party of the incumbent candidate, Paul Biya, have elaborated the guidelines for the electoral campaign.

The guidelines for the campaigns are contained in a circular addressed to all the actors involved in the process in Cameroon and abroad.


The different stakeholders of the CPDM campaign team nationwide are expected to devote the campaign time to seeking the total adhesion of voters.

According to the circular, The CPDM is committed to an inclusive campaign with the goal of acting in unison in other to guarantee a CPDM victory at the close of the polls.

In order to attend the objective, rallies, gatherings as well as proximity campaigning have been envisaged.

The CPDM campaign team will be expected to move from door to door and maintain close proximity with the voters.

The teams will take the message to potential voters where they are found, from neighborhood to neighborhood, from village to village, even from house to house, no living space will be overlooked.

During the door-to-door campaign officials will dialogue, listen and talk with each voter. The exchanges shall focus on the relevance and the validity of the CPDM party’s proposals to consolidate peace and development in Cameroon.

The circular also specifies guidelines for campaigns abroad. It indicates that the special coordinating committees for the campaign will facilitate the electoral campaign in their respective areas of competence.

They will also be expected to contacts with the diplomatic authorities and Elecam branches.

The special coordinating committees will also appoint and supervise scrutineers of the CPDM party in the polling stations.

They are also expected to monitor the distribution of voter cards.

The CPDM candidate for the 2018 presidential election has urged all the coordination teams to work in perfect synergy in order to ensure that the expected results are attained.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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