Presidential election: Osih Joshua unveil political programme

The Presidential Candidate invested by the Social Democratic Front, SDF Party, Joshua Osih has released his Manifesto. The candidate’s political programme was made public during a rally on Wednesday, 22nd August 22 Douala.

The candidate of the lead opposition detailed out his political, economic and social programme to be implemented if he is elected President of the Republic after 7th October.

The programme entitled “24 strong measures for 24 million dreams” is thus:
1- Creation of a SMIC at 160,000 F CFA over 5 years.
2- Doubling the salary of civil servants over 5 years.
3- To each Cameroonian family a land title.
4- Remove rents in advance and regularize the relationship lessor / tenant.
5- Introduce incentives indexed on hardship for civil servants and similar in rural areas and difficult areas to fight absenteeism and abandonment of posts.
6- Establish a local content orientation law and impose it from the first year on the public order.
7- Free pre and post natal consultations until the age of 2 years. But also care for delivery by caesarean section.
8- Introduction of health coverage up to 500,000 FCFA per household per year for a premium of 1,000 FCFA per person per month.
9- Introduction of a school grant for children from the most disadvantaged households.
10- Free and compulsory school until the end of the first cycle and abolition of schooling in universities and state schools
11- Education Program: Develop infrastructure and digital capacity to transform education and education.
12- Closure of ENAM
13- Elimination of fixed road checks.
14- Integration of vigilance committees (CoVi) active in the northern and eastern parts of the country in law enforcement.
15- Form of the State: Federalism based on the 10 current regions.
16- Presidential Election with two rounds for a 5-year term renewable once and introduction of the single ballot.
17- Opening of a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation National Conference.
18- Establishment of a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration program.
19- Relocation of the chief town of the Central Region to another locality of the Centre.
20- Implementation of administrations and public services in their centres of interest.
21- Establish our monetary sovereignty.
22- Reduce the size of the government to a maximum of 20 ministers.
23- Actively promote the Transaqua project to supply the Lake Chad Basin with water.
24- To nominate Cameroon for the co-organization with two sub-Saharan African countries of the 2030 World Cup.
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