Presidential elections: Constitutional Council examines petitions

Some Presidential hopefuls whose candidacy were rejected by the Electoral Board of ELECAM have deposited petitions at the Constitutional Council.

At the close of the two days open to receive petitions, a total of twelve candidates had filed complains against Elecam’s decision to reject their candidacy.

This petitions were made in keeping with section 129 of the electoral code which stipulates that,
“objections or petitions relating to the rejection or acceptance of candidates, as well as those relating to the colour, initials or emblem adopted by a candidate maybe brought before the constitutional council by any candidate or political party taking part in the election or any person serving as a Government representative in the said election, within a maximum period of two days following the publication of the list of candidates.”

Section 130 (1) of Law N° 2012/001 of April 2012 relating to the Electoral Code, amended and supplemented by Law N° 2012/017 of 21 December 2012, also adds that objections and petitions shall be filed through ordinary petitions to the Constitutional Council.
Referring to the same law, the Constitutional Council is expected to make a decision on the petitions within a ten day period.
When the decision has been made, the election governing body and political party concerned will be notified.

To proceed, the council is expected to hold an open hearing during which Political party representatives assisted by their lawyers will have the opportunity to state their case.

The council passes judgement after which Cameroonians will know the exact number of candidates will take part in the 7th October 2018 Presidential election.

After the verdict, which the law says, can not be appealed, campaign for the election will officially begin.

All attention is now on the Constitutional Council to examine the petitions.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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