Presidential Elections: What to know about ballot papers

Some political actors in the country especially the Social Democratic Front have been calling on the elections management body, ELECAM to use single ballot papers in during elections in Cameroon.

However, officials of Elections Cameroon have turned that the request stating that the Electoral Code does not provide for the use of a single ballot paper.

Section 88 of the electoral code stipulates that the Directorate of Elections shall for every candidate party or list of candidates running in an election print a number of ballot papers equivalent to the number of electors registered plus one quarter thereof as well as campaign ballot papers.

In addition, the size of ballot papers shall be determined by a decision of the General Directorate of elections after consultation with the Electoral Board of elections Cameroon.

In Section 122 candidacy papers have to be submitted along with the colour, emblem and title chosen for printing ballot papers but it shall be forbidden to choose an emblem bearing all the three colours, the Green red and yellow.

Regarding the production and distribution of ballot papers, section 294 of the Electoral Code stipulates that, the cost of paper, printing of ballot papers, envelops and various election documents as well as cost of transportation or production of election material or documents shall be deferred under the elections budget.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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